Parents Migration Consultants For Australia

Parents Migration Consultants For Australia in Mumbai

Overseas Parents can easily migrate or temporarily stay in a country like Australia especially if they have a child in Australia who is also either an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident. Generally, the below-mentioned requirements are common for all Parent Visa Subclasses which are provided by our Parents Migration Consultants For Australia in Mumbai.

• Applicants must be a parent of a child who is an Australian citizen
• Your child must be settled in Australia
• Most of the cases demand for at least 2 years of residentship
• A child must sponsor you
• Applicants must pass the Balance of Family Test which generally acquires a half of your children to live permanently in Australia or in other words, you must have more children living permanently in Australia in compliance with any other country.
• Applicant must also meet the strategies of Health and Character requirements Moreover, if you are applying for a permanent Parent Visa then also, our Parents Migration Consultants For Australia help you to provide an acceptable Assurance of Support as well as also provide an evidence of payment of an Assurance of Support bond.

Apart from all the above-mentioned specification, if you are applying for an Aged Parent Visa, you must be an Aged Parent. However, there are some special procedures for which again our Parents Migration Consultants For Australia in Mumbai are here to cater your necessities. Once all the legal requirements get fulfilled to grant a visa then, all the applications are placed in a queue for parent visa which is being processed towards placement in the queue.

Moreover, if the number of parent visa applications get exceeded then, the number of available places along with the applications for an existing parent visa will be held in a queue, possibly for several years. All the applicants can expect a very substantial wait prior their applications are finalized. Furthermore, if the parents are aged under 65 years and meet the 'balance of family' test then, with a help of our team of Parents Migration Consultants For Australia, you can lodge a contributory parent visa which also involves making a non-refundable deposit to the Australian government.